Monday, December 2, 2013

Let's try this again...

Who starts a new lifestyle on Dec 2nd? We are thisclose to Christmas and all the goodies that come with this time of the year. I just spent this weekend (Thanksgiving and my birthday) eating way too many yummy and horribly unhealthy foods. I seriously ate 4 cupcakes yesterday... and there weren't even mini cupcakes. I weighed myself and once again saw 201 on the scale after I vowed to never see 200 again. Although constantly weighing in at a steady 195 wasn't exactly putting distance between myself and the number I vowed to forget. I've never been a small girl. In fact I weighed over 10 lbs when I was born. I was athletic in high school which helped me stay thin. By 2008 I had ballooned to 226 which is my highest weight ever.

This is me in December of 2008. 

After seeing this picture I promised myself that I would never be that big again. I started following the Weight Watchers plan without attending the meetings and started going to the YMCA and made the elliptical my best friend. I got down to 173 lbs by June of 2009.

Slowly I let my weight creep back up, buying new jeans and looser tops. I have always loved to walk and be outside but as an adult I let daily life keep me from doing these things. After suffering through infertility for years I found out I was pregnant (complete surprise) in May only to have a miscarriage in July. This has made me consider how poorly I have been taking care of myself. Although my miscarriage was completely out of my control I still want to take care of myself in hopes of getting pregnant again. I want to be healthy. I have no desire to be skinny or fit into a certain size clothing. I just want to be a healthier and happier me.

So for this first week here are my little goals:
~ walk at least 30 minutes everyday this week
~ drink more water throughout the day
~ limit the shortbread cookies that I want to devour
~ carry a healthy snack with me at all times